Drywall Finishes

There is nothing quite like having pristine, brand new drywall in your home or business. We can make it happen.

Drywall Finishes

Drywall Finishes | Sergio C. Handyman Drywall Repairs - Orange County, CA

Here at Sergio C. Handyman Drywall Repairs, we are capable of giving you the drywall finishes you want for your home or Orange County, CA business. We are highly experienced in creating all types of drywall finishes, so you know that we will make your drywall look great. Drywall is very versatile, and so are drywall finishes. Your finish could be purely functional, or it can serve a totally cosmetic purpose. No matter what type of drywall finishes you are in need of, we are here to help.

Our handyman drywall services are complete. That means from installation to repairs to finishes, we will be able to get the job done. We know everything there is to know about drywall and are able to carry out all drywall services. When you want wall textures that will impress your guests, we can give them to you. If you want wall finishes that will make your home safer, we have what you need.

Take a look at some of the drywall finishes we can create for you:

● Textured Finishes—Give your drywall a specific look with textured finishes. Our drywall finishers are highly skilled at applying all kinds of textured finishes. Your drywall will look amazing once we get done with it.

● Fire Taping—This type of finish is usually installed in garages and other areas that aren’t meant to be seen often. It serves no cosmetic purpose but is instead used for fire resistance in areas that require greater safety.

● Acoustic Finishes—This is a very common type of drywall finish and is usually reserved for ceilings.

You can get all of these great drywall finishes and many more by putting us on the job. Talk to us right now!

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